The Angry Roaster - Brew Guides - Espresso


Dose 19g for a double espresso
Brew Weight 38g
Extraction Time 27 seconds
Grind Very fine
Filter Basket 18 g or 20 g VST Basket
Water Temperature 93°C
Water Pressure 7 bars
Water Quality < 50 ppm CaCO3



Step 1:

Use a scale to measure your dose of coffee and brewed liquid.

Step 2:

Distribute the coffee evenly to ensure the bed of coffee is flat.

Step 3:

Tamp down the bed of coffee with 10-15 kg of pressure. Be sure to tamp level. This is more important than the pressure.

Step 4:

Adjust your grind size to have the full beverage weight in approximately 27 seconds. Extraction time is controlled by the grind setting, so it is worth experimenting with this. As you grind finer, you increase extraction time.

Step 5:

For a more balanced cup, we like to give the espresso a quick stir to mix the layers before drinking. Enjoy!