Expert Guide For Choosing Perfect Coffee Roasters in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal in Canada

Expert Guide For Choosing Perfect Coffee Roasters in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal in Canada

As a specialty coffee shop owner, the coffee you serve is important to your business. First, here are some tips for people who have never bought wholesale coffee before:

Before using coffee beans, they need to be stored in a way that keeps out air. This is because when roasted coffee is exposed to air, the gases that give it its taste and smell escape.

Make sure that the dates you order are balanced. Having too much coffee in a specialty coffee shop can be a problem because it goes bad quickly. On the other hand, roasted coffees must sit for about 4 days before they can be used. If they are used sooner, the gases trapped in the coffee will make it taste and smell bad.

Selling bags of coffee in your shop is a great way to get more customers and keep some extra coffee on hand in case of an emergency.

Here is a list of all the essential things to consider for your new cafe and coffee roaster in Vancouver to make an informed decision.

Things to Ponder

Choices of Roast

Most specialty coffee places serve light or medium roasts because they keep the coffee's intended flavours while balancing the roast's taste. Dark roast coffee isn't something you usually see in cafes or from micro-roasters. But, depending on where you are, you should figure out how much demand there is for different kinds of coffee in your area and then decide how important it is to have a darker roast for people who like it. Check out for the coffee roaster in Vancouver for the best choice.


One of the best things about working with many wholesale local coffee roasters in Calgary is that they offer free training, which can save you both time and money. This free training also helps your employees learn how to make high-quality drinks from the coffees you choose.

Origins & Blends

 The specialty coffee world is built on trying new things with coffee. Customers are more likely to come back to try something new if they can try different kinds of coffee from around the world. Your coffee menu can be improved by choosing a roaster that has the origins you like and a wide range of options and changes them often. Your choice of blends is just as important as your choice of single-origin coffee. Besides espresso and drip coffee, specialty coffee shops also often have blended in local coffee roasters in Calgary.

 Alignment and Recognition of the Brand

 Lastly, the style and ethics of your coffee roaster's brand should match those of your business. For example, bags of coffee beans can be sold just by how they look. Another important thing to consider is how well-known the coffee roaster's brand is. If you sell coffee from a well-known and respected roaster, customers will likely think of your cafe when they think of that high-quality product.

 Understanding the Different Types of Roasts

 Light, medium, and dark roasts, and even sometimes extremely dark, are the most prevalent types of coffee roasted beans. Breakfast Roast and French Roast are just two examples of the specialised titles that many different roasters give to the taste roasts that they produce. Consider these to be marketing words rather than different types of roasts, because the vast majority of roasts fall into one of three categories: light, medium, or dark.

 "It's possible that you won't find the perfect roast until you try a few different kinds first and see which one suits your taste the best. I would suggest looking for coffee that is entirely made from Arabica beans, as this type of coffee is of higher quality and has a flavour that is naturally more refined."

Level of Roast

One of the most essential aspects that plays a role in determining the flavour of the coffee when you order coffee online in Montreal that is ultimately consumed is the level of roasting that was applied to the coffee beans. The term "City Roast" refers to a medium roast, which is now the most popular level of roasting in the coffee business in Australia. It is generally agreed that this is the optimal roast level for espresso.

However, with the proliferation of alternative methods of brewing to espresso that can deliver "cleaner" coffee with more complexities and nuances in flavours, notes, and aroma, we are seeing an increase in the number of coffee shops that use lighter roast beans with Chemex, Pour Over, or Cold brew brewers. This is due to the fact that these alternative methods of brewing can produce coffee that is "cleaner."

The most important thing to consider when choosing a roaster is whether or not you like their coffee and whether or not they can meet your needs and expectations as a business owner. You can also order coffee online in Montreal with us.



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